August 24, 2016

The third episode of MTV's new investigative series, Unlocking The Truth, begins its in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding Anastasia WitbolsFueugen's death.

June 11, 2016

"Singing to Free Byron Case"

A lovers' suicide pact
Turned secrets to brutal fact
Left a puzzle of a fatal game
Wonder how there could be someone else to blame
Now my friend at his window
The past twenty years in sight
Sees a night on a cold autumn Wednesday
When his friends gave up life

Then a girl with her problems
She blamed them on my friend
Said seeing a murder had caused them
And confessing could make those problems end

And though all of her details were wrong
Sworn to her vengeful song
Got back in her family's good grace
Left us singing to free Byron Case

His friends dead and gone
Byron was just eighteen
Helped police, faced his grief
He moved on, conscience clean
The opposite side of the state
The fragile state
Of his ex when he severed ties
Self-destructive sex, drugs, and lies

She was that girl with the problems
Sworn to her vengeful song
Look injustice face to face
Start singing to free Byron Case

A trial for murder, with no evidence
Byron got two life sentences
That made no sense
And you'd cry if you'd seen him
Byron in shackles and chains
And now you'd look in amazement
At how he stays sane
He's a writer and thinker
Freedom left to gain
But with truth and friends on his side
Even if we're standing in the rain

And though all of her details were wrong
Sworn to her vengeful song
Because the jury bought her poker face
They left us singing to free Byron Case

The fifteenth anniversary of Byron's ordeal prompts an outpouring of love and support, but one expression of support was unique: "Singing to Free Byron Case," written and performed by Mike Myers, a Kansas City artist and musician.

We won't let this injustice stand.
Join us today in helping right the wrong and freeing Byron Case!