November 23, 2015

Today, Byron's birthday, this three-minute video of Evelyn Case recorded and edited by Metaphor Media, with music by Kansas City's Namelessnumberheadman goes up on YouTube.

November 13, 2015

After months reviewing the case, Cynthia Short, an attorney with the McCallister Law Firm of Kansas City, signs on as Byron's legal counsel. By joining us, Ms. Short reaffirms our belief that truth will come to light, that Byron will come home, and that peace will come to the minds and hearts of everyone affected by this case's long string of tragedies.

June 22, 2015

Signs reading "FREE BYRON CASE" spring up outside the Jackson County Courthouse and Prosecutors Office in downtown Kansas City. Demonstrators gather to speak out against the county's record of injustice resulting from overzealous, unethical prosecutions. You can view Fox 4's coverage of the event here.

February 11, 2015

John Yohe posts a long review on comicsbulletin.com about Byron's webcomic, Writer's Cramp, praising how Byron "responds to his situation in a creative way." Yohe writes that, "as a former metalhead who wore lots of black and dated a kinda crazy drug-using girlfriend [...] this case kinda hits home."

January 6, 2015

Byron's wrongful conviction is number two on the list of Slate's picks in "Serial's Next Case: Five Crimes the Hit Podcast Should Explore in a Future Season."

We won't let this injustice stand.
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