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Join the Campaign


Let your voice be heard. Contact Governor Jeremiah Nixon and express your support of Byron's Petition for Pardon. You do not have to be a resident of the state of Missouri to do this.

  • Call the Governor: (573) 751-5122


    ~ Simply fill in your contact information

    ~ Choose "Clemency/Pardon" from the drop down menu for "Subject"

    ~ Write your thoughts and submit. See below for samples.

    ~ There is a 2,000 character limit (including spaces).


  • Write a letter and snail mail it to:

    Office of Governor Jay Nixon

    P.O. Box 720

    Jefferson City, MO 65102


  • Spread the word! E-mail or write your favorite talk show or investigative television program about Byron's case. We have a sample letter for you to use here. Fill in the name of the host or show and use it as is, or edit it to focus on your specific concerns and beliefs. Speak from the heart and focus on the evidence. (Clicking the link will automatically download a file titled "talk_show_letter.doc" to your computer)
  • Tweet the Governor: @GovJayNixon. Use the hashtag #freebyroncase.
  • Pass the word along. Share the links above with your family and friends via Facebook or other social media. Every expression of support is important and can help Byron.

What should you say?

  • Speak from the heart. Tell the Governor why you believe Byron is innocent and why you believe he should be pardoned. Say as much or as little as you want. What's important is that you let the Governor know that you support Byron.
  • If you're not sure what to write, we have some samples to help you:


    Here is an example of a letter. Feel free to use it and/or edit and personalize it to highlight your own views. (Clicking the link will automatically download a file titled "Nixonprintversion.doc" to your computer)

    Here is an example of a shorter version that meets the 2,000 character limit, and can be entered into the form on the Governor's website. Again, feel free to edit and personalize it as you see fit. (Clicking the link will automatically download a file titled "Nixonshortversion.doc" to your computer)


Additional ways to declare your support:

Sign the petition asking Governor Nixon to grant Byron executive clemency.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Download, print and post this flyer to spread the word about Byron and



New forensic discoveries thoroughly discredit Kelly Moffett’s accusation, and freshly uncovered evidence may exonerate Byron completely. But only with the work of hired experts and legal professionals can we make these facts known in such a way that will return Byron’s freedom. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

Secure donations to the Free Byron Case campaign (FBC) can be made using PayPal.

Your financial support is more crucial now than ever, since Investigating Innocence cannot cover every possible fee it encounters (as hiring outside consultants would involve, for example). Attorney fees are also substantial. By giving to FBC you help us provide Byron not only with urgently needed legal assistance but also with hope that he has a future beyond those prison walls.

Make a donation of $25 or greater and receive your choice of an FBC T-shirt, a copy of Byron’s collection of essays and poems, or the 2010 book about the case, written by J. Bennett Allen, as our thanks.


It's easy to send a friend a link to, thereby helping us spread word of Byron's wrongful conviction, but you can also follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook.



Make yourself an expert. Order a copy of J. Bennett Allen's provocative book, The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Byron Case, from Amazon today. After reading this engrossing work, you will never think of the criminal justice system in the same way again.


Support Byron, support justice. Use PayPal
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Give $25 or more and receive your choice of books —
The Skeptical Juror or The Pariah's Syntax — as our thanks.