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The homicide investigation by the Jackson County, Missouri, Sheriff's Department (JCSD) into the October 23, 1997, death of Anastasia WitbolsFeugen was ongoing for more than three years before Kelly Moffett’s accusation prompted authorities to bring charges against Byron Case. During that period, many interviews were conducted and many reports were filed by investigating officers. By the time the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office took over the case, in September of 2000, the file ran to well over 2,500 pages.

The documentation here represents only a small portion of that file. It consists of only the most substantive information sources. We have taken care to exclude documentation of false leads or information-gathering attempts by JCSD that were less than fruitful. Because we are after the truth, we have not censored the documents in any way except to redact sensitive personal data, such as the Social Security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers of the people involved. Some content is explicit, as the case involves a murder-suicide, so you are urged to use discretion while reading.

Google Maps, for reference, not from the official case file

Initial Reports

Jackson County Medical Examiner

Robert WitbolsFeugen, Anastasia’s Father

Diane Marshall, Anastasia’s Stepmother

Francesa WitbolsFeugen, Anastasia’s Sister

Betsy Owens, Anastasia WitbolsFeugen’s Mother

Dawn Wright, Dairy Queen employee

Sulaman Saulat, Dairy Queen manager

George LePage, Witness to Anastasia’s Presence at Mt. Washington Cemetery

Don Rand, Amoco night mechanic

Anastasia WitbolsFeugen

Justin Bruton, Anastasia's boyfriend

John Bruton, Justin Bruton's Stepfather

Abraham Kneisley, Friend to Byron and Justin

Tara McDowell, Anastasia, Justin, and Byron's friend

Kelly Moffett

Debbie Moffett, Kelly’s Mother

Byron Case

If you read the documents here with interest, we recommend that you also read Byron’s pending application for pardon and the accompanying personal letter he sent to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. Then, once you have seen the evidence of Byron’s innocence, we hope you will sign the petition to support his immediate release from prison.

For a thorough and impartial analysis of the case evidence and Byron’s conviction, order a copy of J. Bennett Allen’s book, The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Byron Case.

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